iViZ: The most Comprehensive Application Security Testing on the Cloud

No Software cost, No Hardware cost, No Consultant fee. Experience the highest quality testing now on the Cloud.

  • Zero False Positive
  • Business Logic Testing with 100% WASC Coverage
  • Unlimited Testing at a Flat Fee


Our Value Proposition

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Zero false Positive Guarantee

Zero false Positive Guarantee

iViZ conducts high end Application Vulnerability / Security Testing with manual validation to ensure your application / website security. Reports are free from False Positive due to our hybrid approach of combining automated testing with manual validation.

  • False positive elimination through advanced heuristics, safe-exploitation and manual verification
  • No more boring and costly human labor to remove false positives.
  • Proof of exploitation and Screen shots

Business Logic Security Testing

Business Logic Security Testing

iViZ conduct high end Application Vulnerability / Security Testing which combines automated web application security testing with indepth manual testing to detect business flaws. The hybrid approach helps to discover vulnerabilities missed by automated tools

  • Detect the most critical business logic flaws that are missed by tools
  • Through manual testing for classes that can't be automated
  • Covers 100% of the 26 WASC (1) classes View Details>>


Unlimited Application Security Testing at Flat Fee

Unlimited Application Penetration Testing at Flat Fee

Our unlimited testing package enables you to conduct application security testing during every release so that you have and thus have proactive website security. Now you no longer need to pay by man-days to consultant and have highest quality testing whenever you need

  • Test your application during every release
  • No additional cost of to hire consultants/buy tools/employ people
  • 50% or more cost savings compared to other alternatives


On-Demand Testing Scheduling using Online Portal

On-Demand Testing Scheduling

Using the iViZ On demand Cloud portal, you can test your application anytime you want with simple online scheduling.

  • Test anytime you want
  • Test during weekends and off-hours
  • View reports online




Online Vulnerability Analytics Dashboard

Online Vulnerability Analytics

iViZ Security provides comprehensive reports designed for management, developers, QA engineers, system managers and security professionals, providing them full visibility & control of their application security testing needs. The reports are customizable so that users have full control of content and layout.

  • Monitor Vulnerability trends
  • Management dashboard for security overview
  • Online Reporting with flexible download options


How Web Application Security Testing works?

Web Application Security Testing is carried out from iViZ Security SOC (Security operations center) remotely over the Internet using our patent-pending technology. The section below details the methodology used in the application security testing process.

Web Application Security Testing

iViZ's application Security test provides a customized, comprehensive, impartial, and periodic security assessment of various kinds of applications - internally developed, commercial enterprise web applications (Web-based portal, e-commerce application, or Web platform), open source applications, dynamic web 2.0 applications etc., This service provides a well-developed matrix of existing threats, application vulnerabilities, and real-world recommendations to address security weaknesses. In addition, iViZ conducts expert validation for vulnerabilities that cannot be identified through automated means.

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iViZ Security Advantage

Saas or Software Consultants iViZ on Demand
? On Demand Included Not-included
? OWASP Top 10 Included Included
100% WASC Coverage Not-included Included
Zero False Positive Not-included Included
Business Logic Vulnerabilities Not-included Included
? Cost Effective* Not-included Not-included
Scalability Included Not-included

*Requires internal resources to manually remove false positives or pay a consultant to do so.