Web Application Security by Leveraging iViZ - Qualys Partnership

A Strategic partnership that combines the strengths of both organizations by coupling the highly automated testing of QualysGuard Web Application Scanning (WAS) with iViZ's Web Application Security Testing Technology and comprehensive manual testing.

Key highlights of Web Application Security testing / Pen Testing solution is

  • web application security testingHighly Scalable Qualys automated scanning
  • cloud based application penetration testinngVulnerability Validation with "Zero False Positive Guarantee" by iViZ
  • dynamic security testingHigh Quality Business Logic Testing by iViZ


Business Logic Vulnerability Testing

How the Web Application Security Testing Works?

With the new partnership, iViZ will use QualysGuard WAS to perform automated web application security scans. Then iViZ will use its Web Application Penetration Testing technologies, combined with manual validation of the findings, and perform business logic testing to achieve comprehensive web application security testing. The solution is delivered in 4 steps:

iviz security testing
  • web application securityAttack Surface Analysis, Threat Modeling and Test Configuration
  • web application vulnerabilityAutomated Test by Qualys WAS engine
  • application penetration testingValidation of Vulnerabilities and False Positive Elimination by iViZ
  • application security testingBusiness Logic Testing and other Advanced Exploitation by iViZ


Zero false Positive Guarantee

Zero false Positive Guarantee

iViZ conducts high end Web Application Security / Penetration Testing with manual validation to ensure your application security. Reports are free from False Positive due to our hybrid approach of combining automated testing with manual validation.

  • information securityFalse positive elimination through advanced heuristics, safe-exploitation and manual validation
  • testing web applicationNo need to spend boring and costly human labor to remove false positives.
  • static application security testingProof of exploitation and Screen shots

Business Logic Vulnerability Testing

Business Logic Vulnerability Testing

iViZ conduct 'high end' Web Application Security Testing which combines automated web application security testing with indepth manual business logic testing. The hybrid approach for application security discovers vulnerabilities missed by automated tools

  • SQL InjectionDetect the most critical business logic flaws that cannot be discovered by tools
  • website security testingiViZ uses extensive work flow automation and thorough manual validation
  • it application securityCovers 100% of the 49 WASC (2) classes


Key Features of Web Application Security Testing

  • penetration testingHighly scalable automated scans by Qualys
  • web application security testingVulnerability Validation and "Zero False Positive Guarantee" by iViZ
  • website security testingBusiness Logic Penetration Testing by iViZ
  • web application vulnerability testing100% WASC Class coverage
  • dynamic application security testingAccess to an On Demand Cloud portal to start a test whenever you need to
  • whitehat testingAccess via the portal to Reports in multiple formats and a Dashboard with Vulnerability Analytics


Free Trial - Web Application Security Testing

*The Web Application Security Testing solution is available through the iViZ cloud portal.

*You can register for free trial here