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Security Advisories

IVIZ-08-012: Bitdefender antivirus for Linux multiple vulnerabilities.


Multiple integer overflows were discovered in the GNU/Linux version of Bitdefender when analyzing corrupted PE binaries packed with neolite and asprotect packers.

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IVIZ-08-011: ClamAV LZH unpacking segmentation fault


Clamav uses an external unpacker, which can be deterministically crashed, when processing corrupted LZH files.

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IVIZ-08-010: McAfee SafeBoot Device Encryption Plain Text Password Disclosure


The password checking routine of SafeBoot Device Encryption fails to sanitize the BIOS keyboard buffer after reading passwords, resulting in plain text password leakage to unprivileged local users.

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IVIZ-08-009: GRUB Legacy Security Model bypass exploiting wrong BIOS API usage


The password checking routine of GRUB fails to sanitize the BIOS keyboard buffer before AND after reading passwords.

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