For Non Critical Applications you should choose our application testing which guarantees Zero False Positive and Manual Validation of Vulnerabilities. A value for money for non-critical applications!


Best Quality and High end penetration testing with "Zero False Positive Guarantee" and "Indepth Business Logic Testing. It is best suited for your business critical applications!


Plan Details: Standard Premium
? Best Suited For Business Critical Apps
? OWASP Top 10 Included
? WASC Threat Classes Covered 100% ( All 26 Classes )
? No of User Roles Tested 2
? Detailed Vulnerability Description All
? Zero False Positive Guarantee* Included
? Business Logic Testing Included
? Manual Exploitation Included
? Proof of Exploitation (Screenshots) Included
? To Know our Pricing Talk to Sales
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* Zero False Positive Guarantee - For High end Critical vulnerablilities

* Unlimited Subscription - You can run only one test in parallel on the same application .

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What Others are saying

" Stellar Example of emerging technology companies " - IDC


" Sales Force of Penetration Testing " - Darknet UK


" iViZ Security looks to redefine ethical hacking with cloud based model " - Informationweek

Awards & Recognition

  • Red Herring 100
    Award Winner

  • Worlds Top 8 :
    Intel and University of
    California Berkeley

  • Worlds Top 6:
    Supported by US
    Homeland and Security


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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How good is the quality of testing?

    Basic: "With Zero False Positive Guarantee", it is better than standard automated scanners. False negatives are comparable to standard automated scanners.

    Premium: Better than standard scanners both due to "False Positive Guarantee" and "Business Logic testing". It is similar in quality like standard consultant driven DAST testing which would cost you 7 to 10 man-days i.e. 7 to 10K USD.

  2. How secure is our data?

    iViZ being a Penetration Testing company, is extremely sensitive to security. We have implemented the right kind of technology and processes to ensure the safety of your data. We also have the legal and insurance coverage as per normal business norms. In case you are still worried and want more safety, we can assure that we will not store data online and you will only get reports encrypted over mail. For more details talk to us.

  3. Should I buy scanner licenses?

    A good scanner costs 20K and then you need to hire good pen tester which is tough and retention is tougher. So you end up spending around 120K for scanner and a person. iViZ would provide unlimited test for a single application at a price of just 15K. Lots of savings, isn't it? If you have multiple apps talk to our sales team.

  4. Should I hire consultants?

    A consultant would charge you 10K for 1 test. At 15K we give you unlimited and assure the same quality. Isn't it a great deal? However, if you need high end consulting with threat modeling, code review, architecture review, you can get in touch with us and we can help you out with our specialized consulting team combined with the "cloud advantage".

  5. What if I am not happy with the quality?

    You do not pay us money if you do not like the quality. We would definitely return your money. For the records it never happened in the history of iViZ that we had to pay back the money. You can talk to our sales team for details.

  6. How secure is to buy online?

    We use the avangate online payment which is one of the leading players for online payments. However, in case you do not want to pay online you can simply get in touch with our sales team.

  7. Where is the data stored?

    Our data is stored in our data center in Virginia, USA.

  8. Where can I review the terms of service and privacy policy?

    Please Talk to our Sales team for the detailed terms of engagement

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