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About IDG Ventures

IDG Ventures is a global network of venture capital funds with over $2 billion under management and a portfolio of over 220 companies built over the last 15 years. The IDG Ventures network is comprised of six independent partnerships managing funds in North America and Asia. Each partnership makes investments on behalf of its limited partners, including International Data Group (IDG), the world's largest IT media company. By combining the IDG platform - an unparalleled combination of global publishing, market research (IDC), and conferences and exhibition resources - with years of hands-on experience in early-stage company building, each IDG Ventures fund helps companies understand their markets better and penetrate them faster than their competition.

With partnerships in Boston, San Francisco, India, Korea and multiple locations throughout China and Vietnam, the IDG Ventures network offers the international perspective and the local market expertise to help companies grow from start-ups to global success stories. For more information please visit www.idgventures.com

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About IDG Ventures India

IDG Ventures India manages a US$150 Million venture capital fund focused on helping entrepreneurs grow innovative companies on a global basis believes the market for technology products and services in India, the proven value of India as an offshore resource base and the entrepreneurial spirit and talent of its people, create an extremely bright future for venture capital investing in the country.

IDGV India focuses on early-stage investments in technology and technology- enabled companies. It typically invests between US$0.5 Million to US$5 Million in early-stage companies. These companies cover a wide range of sectors such as software products, outsourced services, design engineering, electronics and hi-tech manufacturing, consumer internet and digital media, semiconductors, telecom infrastructure, consumer mobile services, retail financial services and other emerging technology-enabled sectors. Members of the Team are Mr. Sudhir Sethi (Founder, Chairman & Managing Director), Mr. Manik Arora (Founder, Managing Director), Mr. T C Meenakshisundaram (Founder, Managing Director & CFO), Mr. Ritesh Banglani (Sr. Investment Advisor), Mr.Hemir Doshi and Mr. Ranjith Menon (Investment Advisors).

The Team and the portfolio companies derive value from an illustrious Board of Advisors comprising of Dr. N . Balasubramanian, Dr.K. B. Chandrasekhar, Mr. Arjun Malhotra, Dr. Sridhar Mitta, Prof. Jagdish Sheth and Dr. V Sumantran. For more information please visit www.idgvcindia.com