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A word of spell from Chief Wizard, Bikash Barai

At iViZ we are all wizards. Wizards who create every day magic to help our customers be safe. Our vision is to make the web a safe place for everyone.

We believe that Internet and IT today is a birth right of a company - no less for a person. To protect and safe guard it is very important. Internet is growing at a stupendous rate of more than 90% every year. The amount of time people spend online or within their corporate intranet is over 7 hrs. What this means is that IT and Internet has become part of our work & life. Any threat to this also has significant impact on our productivity and companies' bottom-line.

Our job is to make is easy for companies to protect themselves from vulnerabilities plaguing Internet and their networks. Did you know there are at least 20 new security vulnerabilities discovered every day? This amounts to 7300 per year. To analyze the impact of these ever growing vulnerabilities & take protective measures is a daunting task - if not impossible - for all our customers. We want to take away the pain and help them secure their IT infrastructure so that they can focus on their business.

How exactly does it feel to work in this super cool area of security & hacking?. Its no less than being a wizard - to be able to see things where others don't, to be able to find holes when others gloss over, to be able to think like hacker to prevent hacks! And of course, it does help if you can pull a rabbit from the hat :-)

In my school days, I used to do magic - now I do it to win customers ;-), but I believe that magic can free us from our perceptual boundaries of what is possible. It helps us think outside the box (and even make the box disappear).

If you have magic in your eyes, mind and blood, iViZ is the place for you. If you don't, that's OK, we'll infuse magic in you!.

Please check out our jobs section on this website as well as Life@iViZ to know more about us. I look forward to your interest. Drop me a line or comment at careers@iviztechnosolutions.com

Chief Wizard

Bikash Barai

Current Openings

iViZ is always looking for smart, fun-loving & self-driven people all the time. If you are interested in working at iViZ, please send in your resume to careers@iviztechnosolutions.com.

The following are the current opportunities available at iViZ. To apply for any of these positions, send in your resume to careers@iviztechnosolutions.com

 Security Analyst - Trainees (OJT)

 Security Analyst (T1)

 Sr. Security Analyst (T2)

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